Monday, August 3, 2015

Erotic Pop Culture 2015

Pop Culture 2015  come watch our trending celebrities in nude portraits

Sexy Celebrity Portraits depicting Pop Culture of 2015

Nude and semi-Nude portraits of celebs depicting Pop Culture 2015.
Soft Screams Magazine is primarily about Fine Art and Erotic Photography. However, we love celebrity erotic imagery as well. We will be publishing on a weekly basis, celebrity Pop Culture 2015 posts. This new feature on Soft Screams Magazine will feature nude and semi-nude portraits of celebrities who are trending.
Soft Screams Magazine gossip alert....
We cannot confirm this rumor but since it is trending so high, we cannot ignore it either. The big news that is flooding the internet with questions and accusations are that Miley Cyrus and New Zealand Victoria Secret model Stella Maxwell are a hot and sexy new lesbian couple.
  Pop Culture 2015  Miley Cyrus and Stella Ward nude.
Miley Cyrus and Stella Maxwell nude. 

 Well it's official. Kristen Wiig,Emma Stone and Melissa McCarthy are going to do the Ghost Busters remake. We hope they are all nude or partially nude like below. Yes, even Melissa Mcarthy as well.
  Pop Culture 2015  Kristen Wiig full frontal nudityKristen Wiig Nude

  Pop Culture 2015  Emma stone in lingerie dressed as a Cabaret SingerEmma Stone in black panties

Pop Culture 2015  Emma stone in lingerie dressed as a Cabaret Singer Emma stone in lingerie 

 Fran Drescher, you remember the Jewish sex kitten from the hit TV show "The Nanny"? Remember? She had the killer body, over the top personality and nasal laugh from hell? Well, it appears as if the sex kitten is following the Hollywood act of idiocy and (quickly becoming cliche)  married a homosexual and didn't know it. **That's nothing new these days. What is shocking is her claim that they had tons of marital sex. Come on Franny? It's one thing to marry a gay man and not know it. However, to claim to have tons of marital sex and wearing a a strap-on but you had no idea your husband was gay? Hmmmmm....**  ( Just Kidding...Belladonna)

Pop Culture 2015  Fran Drescher exposed breasts Fran Drescher breasts exposed in this X-ray edit.

  Trina Mcgee from Boy Meets world was reunited with the cast. It seems that a lot of people felt was disappointing that the two lovers from the past, Shawn and Angela, did not reunite their passionate love affair.
  Pop Culture 2015 Trina McGee from Boy Meets World naked in a towel 
Trina McGee Naked in a towel

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